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For Providers

In May 2010, funding for state-supplied vaccines for privately insured children was scheduled to end. Through the WVA's work as an independent, nonprofit organization, the state has been able to continue universal purchase of state-supplied vaccines for all children under the age of 19.

What This Means for Providers

  • You can continue to receive vaccines at no charge from the Washington State Department of Health – and give your patients easy access to critical vaccinations.
  • You avoid the financial and staffing burden required to purchase vaccines on your own.
  • You don’t need to store vaccines separately for privately and federally covered children.
How State-Supplied Vaccines Are Funded
Health plans, insurers, and other payers now pay for administered vaccines based on a per dosage assessment. The WVA collects these payments and transfers the funds to the state.

Through its Childhood Vaccine Program, the state Department of Health buys the vaccines at federal contract rates and distributes them to physicians, clinics, hospitals, and other providers at no charge.

What You Should Do
Because payers now cover state-supplied vaccines for privately insured children, there are new requirements for processing administered vaccines.

Please reference the Assessment Guide for electronic and paper claim submission.

Providers who have not yet changed to the two-form DBA process should contact the WVA for help (888-928-2224).

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WVA Dosage-Based Assessment Webinar Held Feburary 23, 2016

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